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A packable rain jacket is that indispensable friend you can take with you anywhere – stuff it into a suitcase, backpack, the trunk of you car – just about anywhere.

I have several packable rain jackets – where I live here in the Pacific Northwest you never know when a rain shower will hit; as they say “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!”

To me, it’s peace of mind to have a few packable rain jackets on hand – I’ll take off for a day trip and stuff a light jacket into my backpack. If I head out into colder areas I’ll take a heavier rain jacket or just a light shell with a sweater or a warm shell to pull over.

I always keep a lightweight packable rain jacket in the backseat of my car or I’ll keep it in a small backpack I keep in the trunk when I have passengers – that way if I’m out and about and get caught in an expected rain storm, I just pull out my rain jacket and I’m good to go!

I actually enjoy the rain. Not everyone does, I know that’s true, some people find rainy weather depressing, but I don’t – I find it refreshing. I love the way the rain washes everything clean and enjoy watching the various shapes of clouds and the sound or rain is soothing to my ears.

If you enjoy the rain – or even if you don’t! – be sure to have at least one packable rain jacket for those trips around town or out of town, that way you’ll never get caught soaked in a rainstorm!